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We take to heart your need for presentations that are timely and that accurately represent your products or services. We understand, from long years of experience, how important it is for you to meet tight deadlines in the preparation and dissemination of your fliers, brochures and manuals. And we share your desire for creative services that are more than just adequate. Please take a moment to discover our broad spectrum of services and see what we can provide for you and your company.


See our spectrum of
services, including:

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? Website creation/maintenance
? Product presentation
? Advertising
 ? Periodical sections
? 3D graphics
? Catalogs/Brochures
? Logos/Letterheads
? Newsletters/Booklets
? Mail-order materials
? Large volume mailings
? Multimedia productions
? Technical manuals
? Writing/Editing/Research
? Fliers/Mailers
? Business Cards
? Presentations
? Photo Retouching
? Blueprint restoration

Prismz and its associates (Vistas and Virtual Visions & Graphics) have been providing graphics and media presentations since 1972. Our wide-ranging services include the production of manuals and fine publications, computer graphics, periodical sections, copy?writing/advertising, 3D imaging, website creation, and so on. Since 1993 we have been creating both the ?Catalog Mart? and ?Woodworker?s Mart? sections for the Hearst magazine, Popular Mechanics, plus brochures and ads for Restore Media?s Old-House Journal.


For the implementation of our services we have a full array of equipment: computers, scanners, digital cameras, color and black-and-white printers, copiers, fax machines, plus a wide assortment of art materials. Our software includes QuarkXpress?, Adobe Photoshop?, PageMaker? and Premiere?, Microsoft Word? and FrontPage 2002?, Corel Draw?, Photopaint? and R.A.V.E?, HotMetal Pro?, Innovus Presentations??all with cross-platform (PC and Macintosh) versatility. In addition, we have at our disposal one-, two- and full-color printers and presses, inline thermographers, collators, cutters, binders and booklet makers. Thus, from conception through implementation we are ready and able to provide virtually any service that might be needed.

Since 1994 Prismz has been creating and maintaining websites for small businesses. In addition, we have helped free the resources and reduce the overhead of large companies by handling their printed communications, often from creation through mailing.

How may we assist YOU in saving time, money and resources?

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